At Boogie Beat Music and Movement we recognise the importance of repetition for young children and babies and that is why most of our stories will run for 2 weeks.   We also have nursery rhymes, songs and dances which repeat weekly and others you will hear repeated as you progress through our sessions – Why you might be wondering …

Repetition is a crucial part of children’s development.

Retain and recall

When we are repeating our songs, stories and dances it is helping children to retain and recall information. This is a really important development and helps children throughout their life. The ability to recall information is so lovely to see in our sessions and when the children join in to  one of our weekly dances or retell a story it is so lovely seeing their confidence to join in and to share what they have remembered.


Repeating stories and songs also helps children with their language – they listen, learn and repeat what has been told to them and they hear new words that they can put into practice. In our sessions the language that we use is so important to the children and many of our franchisees have also now completed their Level 1 Makaton to support children.


Using our props and repeating movements and practicing skills such as balancing techniques, throwing, catching and jumping all help children with their gross motor skills. Learning and practicing these skills from a young age is a great way to support their development and our session provide opportunities for this.


We really notice in our sessions how much confidence the children when we use one of our repeating songs or dances. It is lovely watching them join in and take part. It makes them feel more involved and when our stories repeat is lovely to hear their views and to share them with the others in the session.


Finally, the structure of our sessions and the repetition that happens really helps to give the children a routine, this helps them to feel safe and secure in the environment as they know what is coming next and so they can prepare for this.

It is a great stepping stone for their future and for when they go to preschool or school.

Repetition is a natural and incredibly effective way for young children to learn and grow, it is a great stepping stone for their future success.

At Boogie Beat Music and Movement we are proud to recognise and support repetition with all the children that we see in our sessions as we know that it is an essential building block for their growth and development.

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