A Boogie Beat music and movement class offers a unique and enriching experience for both parents and their children and provides a range of benefits that go beyond the musical and physical aspects.

They are so beneficial as they provide:

Bonding time

Boogie Beat classes create an ideal environment for parent-child bonding. Through shared activities like singing, dancing and using the interactive props, parents and children strengthen their connection and create lasting memories together. They offer precious quality time spent together.

Learning through play

Boogie beat classes incorporate music, movement and storytelling in an interactive way. Parents and children engage in activities that promote language development, motor skills, creativity and social interaction. Learning becomes fun and many children enjoy replaying the classes and demonstrate their learnings when they get home.


Attending Boogie Beat classes allows parents to connect with other parents. The classes allow advice to be exchanged, tips to be shared, friendships to be built and many parents attend for many years and feel part of our bigger Boogie Beat family.

Lifelong love of music and stories

Participating in Boogie Beat classes from a young age really supports children to develop a lifelong love of music and stories. The classes lay the foundations for future musical appreciation and instil a passion for creativity and self-expression that enriches their lives for years to come.

Health and wellbeing

Engaging in music and movement classes has many benefits for our health. Boogie Beat classes encourage physical activity and coordination and promote a healthy lifestyle. The inhouse composed music provides lots of upbeat and uplifting pieces alongside some beautiful calming music and classic songs which all help to provide positive energy and happiness.

Promotion of creativity and imagination

Boogie Beat classes inspire creativity and imagination in both parents and children. Through imaginative play, storytelling and musical expression, it enables new ideas to be explored, the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and movements and they are able to explore their artistic potential in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Boogie Beat classes offer a wealth of benefits for parents and children to learn and spend quality time together in a safe and supportive environment. Our classes provide valuable opportunities, resources and skills for nurturing children’s development that will last a lifetime.