Great news that a franchise with Boogie Beat is what you are thinking of investing in; but where would your income each month come from? Our Boogie Beat Music and Movement model enables you to work in lots of different areas which is great news for your income.

Running our award winning classes

Running our classes would enable you to bring Boogie Beat activities to newborns up to 5 years over a mix of 2 different classes – our baby class and our mixed age class into your area.

The classes are 45 minutes long and enables babies and young children to experience traditional stories, language, social skills and building friendships, along with them being able to learn and practice their fine and gross motor skills, listening and co-ordination. They offer a great opportunity to explore the world around them and grow their imaginations.

You might get the chance to run our classes as part of your local library or local soft play centre facilities; or you might team up with a local baby membership club and be part of their music and movement offering – there are lots of ways that you can bring Boogie Beat classes into your area.

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Bringing workshops to your area

This gives you the chance to run our Boogie Beat sessions in preschools, nurseries, schools and care homes in your area. They are a great addition to your income and usually make up over 50% of your earnings.

Workshops mean that we visit the setting with our Boogie Beat music and movement activity. The children get involved and join in and they get to benefit from a visitor bringing in a fun, educational activity. They get to learn how to move their bodies, how to move to music and to grow their imaginations. Our sessions meet the curriculum needs across the country and are a great addition to any settings timetable.

Our magical Intergenerational sessions will see you bringing music and movement to the older and younger generations. Traditional stories, nursery rhymes, props to engage and explore with and dances are shared with the children and residents together and great memories are made from these incredible sessions.

These sessions tend to be 30 minutes.

Parties and events

Running birthday parties is a fantastic way to earn extra income and provide the birthday child and their friends with a fun filled Boogie Beat party. We operate a variety of fun party themes as well as traditional parties that the children can get fully involved in.

There may be the chance to get involved in local community events in your area, maybe you are providing entertainment for a fun day, or a school fete. Maybe you have been asked to entertain the children at a wedding or a christening when the speeches or photographs are being taken – there are lots of opportunities that you could be involved in.

You could also get involved with offering one off parties for graduations, Easter and Christmas (plus other key events in the year) to workshop settings.

Class teachers

Many of our franchisees take on self employed class teachers to help them. This enables more classes and workshop sessions to be held plus support at parties or running events. It is great having a small team running Boogie Beat in your area and means that if you have work that overlaps or hours that you cannot do then your class teacher can fill these gaps for you. This is a great way to build your income as more sessions are booked.

Earnings on merchandise

You can make some additional income from selling our Boogie Beat merchandise through your franchise.

Our Boogie Beat Music and Movement model provides you with so many avenues to earn income from in your area. You are not obligated to run in all the areas and you may even find new avenues to try. Each area offers new and exciting opportunities. Find out more about our franchise at